Featured Artist of the Week

Ahhhh August! Still summer time here in our favorite little mountain town. We've been busy! The flowers are bursting over the fence, the open house was a HUGE success, Luna is getting way too BIG and we have 5 NEW artists you must come and see!!!

As we roll right through the beginning of the month we are so excited to share with you are Artist of the Week(ish)...

Lori Dresner


1.     How did you discover your craft? At camp when I was 9 years old. It was love at first touch.

2.     How long have you been mastering your craft? Gosh do I have to reveal my age?????

3.     Where do you live in Colorado? Aspen and Denver, 50/50.

4.     How did you get to Colorado if you are not originally from here?  I used to live in France, my brother used to live here and when I decided to move back to the states, he suggested it. 

5.     What specifically inspires you and your work? NATURE

6.     Tell us something fun about you and what you do? I speak paltry french and can blow huge bubbles with bubble gum. 

7.     What are your three favorite foods? Sushi, Sushi, and Sushi. And oh yeah, Ice Cream. 

8.     What time of day do you feel most inspired? Hard question, could be any time depending on my mood. 

9.     If you could have any other talent, what would it be? SING

10.  Tell us the most unique fact about you that people wouldn’t normally know or is there anything else that you would like to share with your adoring public? Just that I am thrilled every time someone enjoys my work, even if they don't buy it. 




Our 5 fabulous, fun, and funky new Artists:

  • Kaitlynd Zimmer: "Kaitlynd Bahama" she calls herself as she creates hand made jewelry inspired by the beautiful islands of Bahamas. From stackable bracelets to stunning necklaces, its like you're at the beach!

  • Ippy Farnam: Ski and Snowboard art just got a whole lot cooler now that Ippy has turned them into art! Mosaic art to be exact! Whether you want abstract or the "Four Seasons of Aspen", she has truly put her own stamp on ski customizing! 

  • The Good Goat: By milking her four adorable goats, Kelly creates the most luscious lotions and soaps right in her own back yard! Natural Bamboo and Cucumber Melon our just two of the delicious scents that her 100% Organic, natural, and local products come in! 

  • James Davis Designs: Using lightning to make art?! Yes, we thought that was crazy too, but James's one of a kind creations bring lightning indoors to enjoy up close and personal. Earrings to custom tables, he has lit up our store! He makes certain that you have an electrifying day!

  • True Nature Studios: Mother and daughter duo, create stackable bracelets that sparkle and shine! Dress them up or down there is one (or 10) for every occasion!


More from Lori...

A ceramic artist known for sculpture, figurative work and pottery, Lori Dresner often pairs ceramics with mixed media. Her recent work incorporates textures created from found objects and stenciled words, as a response to nature, current events, our own fragility and the fragility of our world. Her functional ware, like her sculptures, is always individual and unique, and often whimsical.

Working in clay at an early age, Lori soon went from mud pies to fine art clay creations. She pursued her passion and received a BFA in ceramics from The Rhode Island School of Design; MA in ceramics from the University of Michigan; and MFA in video arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. An active member of The Chicago Editing Center in the 1980s, Lori curated several video art installations and presentations. Her video works were included in Media Burn, an independent video archive that aired on WTTW’s Image Union. The first Video Art Exhibition at Navy Pier in 1980 was one of her achievements before leaving the art world for a career in video production.  

Moving from Chicago to New York, and then to Paris where she lived for over 20 years, Lori worked as a producer of international TV commercials and print ads. She relocated to Colorado in 2008 to pursue her art full time. 

Lori combines porcelain with various mediums—wood, steel, stone—allowing colors and textures to reveal themselves, creating their own magic. Her travels and life experiences in the Midwest, east coast, Paris and the mountains of Colorado influence her art as she interprets the connection we share with natural elements, rural and city landscapes and family. Often her interpretation of the ordinary things found in nature come to life as sculpture, more intuitive than intellectual, with themes derived from current events shaping her process and art.

Lori is a member of CORE New Art Space in Denver's Santa Fe Arts District where she exhibits her sculptures.