It's Show Time

Ladies and Gentleman, it is our pleasure to bring to you not one, not two, but three artists next week who will be showcasing their art LIVE!

Throughout the weekend of July 22-23, three of our favorite guys are coming to share their talents with the world!

-Richii Jai- Agustin Goba- Alan Moore- 

These amazing gentlemen create, up-cycle, and enlighten all with their unprecedented talents. From one of kind jewelry, printed and untouched Aspen leaves, to repurposed wood decorated by vintage soda cans and bottle caps as your favorite fish, bear or fox just to name a few. 

Come join us as we welcome the artists throughout the weekend and YOU get a chance to meet the creators of your favorite local pieces! 

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am - 7pm.   Sunday: 10am - 5pm.