Featured Artist of the Week

It's that time of week again to bring you one of our talented artists and it's finally starting to feel like summer up here in the high country. Green has taken over the valley and the sun shines bright everyday!

Now, for our main event...

For Todd, art is all about inspiration and literally putting that inspiration into someone’s hands.  The word ‘art’ comes from an ancient Indo-European language that means ‘to fit together.’ By taking license plates and other recyclable materials, he likes to create something which has the ability to form a connection with someone.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Todd has lived in Colorado since 2001.  After owning a successful home improvement business for nine years, he decided to combine his desire to work for himself and his ability to build things into a new creative medium – making custom guitar art out of license plates and other upcycled materials.  He hopes to create art with which people can feel an instant connection.

In his Denver-based studio, Todd creates unique guitar art in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function to create a one of a kind sculpture. 

Todd Perkins and his Guitar Art

1. How did you discover your craft?

I owned a home improvement business for 10 years and decided to put my skills of running a business and building things into a different use. Creating guitar art sure beats fixing and installing toilets!

2. How long have you been mastering your craft?

I’m going on year 5. Still haven’t mastered much.

3. Where do you live in Colorado?

I currently live at 5280 feet in Denver, Colorado.

4. How did you get to Colorado if you are not originally from here?

I was transferred up here from Dallas, Texas when I worked for a contract food service company as their managing director.

5. What specifically inspires you and your work?

Instead of searching for items for guitar art, I look at everything not related to guitars and ask, “what will that look like on a guitar?”

6. Tell us something fun about you and what you do?

I still have a few clients from my home improvement business who I help out when they need something, but mostly they are people who don’t know how to change a light bulb. Often times I’m paid in good wine.

7. What are your three favorite foods?

Wine. Bourbon. Filet mignon.

8. What time of day do you feel most inspired?

Generally after 9pm or after some wine or bourbon.

9. If you could have any other talent, what would it be?

To play guitar, hands down!

10. Tell us the most unique fact about you that people wouldn’t normally know?   

I learned to cook from a French chef for 7 years.