Featured Artist of the Week

Spinster Sisters

Rolling right along here at the Circus and the summer acts keep getting better and better! With a name like Spinster Sisters, we know you'll love getting to know this fabulous artist as much as we did!

Without further adieu, The Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus presents to you, Kelly Perkins...

1.     How did you discover your craft? 

I read an article back in the early 90’s about Triclosan, and what a dangerous chemical it is, and made the decision not to use skin care products any longer that contain Triclosan.  Not an easy thing to find at the time, as most commercially produced skin care products contain Triclosan.  So, I bought some books on how to make natural soaps, and I was hooked.  That first batch of soap sent me down a path I never could have imagined my life taking, and I love it!

2.     How long have you been mastering your craft? 

I have been making soap since 1993, but I did not start Spinster Sisters as a business until 2012.

3.     Where do you live in Colorado?

I grew up in Boulder, and live in Golden now.

4.     What specifically inspires you and your work?

Everything – my family, nature, this gorgeous state, flowers, herbs, gardens, our big sky, I could go on and on.

5.     Tell us something fun about you and what you do? 

It is all fun!  I get too play around in oils and butters all day.  I get to create new products, I get to talk to customers, I get to do this thing that I love so much, every day.  Dream come true.

6.     What are your three favorite foods?

Oysters, Beer (that counts, right?), cheese.

7.     What time of day do you feel most inspired?

3am.  When I wish I was sleeping, but my mind thinks I should be formulating the next great skincare breakthrough.

8.     If you could have any other talent, what would it be? 

Singing.  Playing guitar, uilleann pipes, and cello. 

9.     Tell us the most unique fact about you that people wouldn’t normally know?

I spent 10 years working for the US Antarctic program – and spent a season at the South Pole.